Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Brazilian Job

Remember the gulf oil spill last year? Who could forget, right? I have argued for some time now that President Obama is not as naive as he, on the surface, appears.In fact, what seems to be indecision, I believe to be calculation. The perception of  many is that he is inexperienced or incompetent, when in truth, I hold that we are assuming he has the best interest of America in mind. That is not his aim, his aim is to reduce America's prominence to that equal to other nations. Look no further than the military action against Libya.
As to the oil spill, he waited a very long time to get involved in the crisis. About a month after it began, the president started to show signs of life. As it became an apparent environmental disaster, it was extremely easy for him to ban off shore drilling. This, of course, was the opportunity he needed to further reduce America's wealth and independence.
Forgive me for being conspiratorial here. I don't normally see a boogie man behind every event. There are, however, forces at work that we must be aware. I also don't see George Soros as the center of the evil universe. But he is a big part of what is going on in the world, by his own admission. It has been confirmed that Mr. Soros was and is behind the turmoil in the Middle East and as a result, the subsequent rise in oil prices.
It also appears that he has interests in the Brazilian oil industry. Is it then an accident that during the gulf crisis last year that very act of setting up the drilling moratorium freed up the drilling platforms now bringing in the oil for Brazil to sell to us at a premium, that the president is now negotiating for us. The President of the United States is achieving his goal of reducing America's role on the world stage in all areas. Before long the left will realize its hope of eliminating the only remaining super power. Thus setting the stage...