Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Contrast Obama and Washington

Here is a bonus post. I read an article in the WSJ about President Obama being more "aggressive" in his dealings with opponents. I would call on Mr Obama to recall the honor of the office he holds and find the humility that is lacking in his demeanor. I suppose by saying this, I too, am lacking humility, but there it is.
By way of contrast I paste a letter from George Washington to make my point.

To the Hebrew Congregations in the cities of Philadelphia, New York, Charleston and Richmond.
The liberality of sentiment towards each other, which marks every political and religious denomination of men in this country stands unparalleled in the History of Nations. The affection of such a people is a treasure beyond the reach of calculation; and the repeated proofs which my fellow citizens have given of their attachment to me, and approbation of my doings, form the purest source of my temporal felicity. The affectionate expressions of your address again excite my gratitude, and receive my warmest acknowledgment. The power and goodness of the Almighty were strongly manifested in the events of our late glorious revolution; and his kind interposition in our behalf has been no less visible in the establishment of our present equal government. In war he directed the sword; and in peace he has ruled in our councils. My agency in both has been guided by the best intentions, and a sense of the duty which I owe my country.
And as my exertions have hitherto been amply rewarded by the approbation of my fellow citizens, I shall endeavor to deserve a continuance of it by my future conduct.
May the same temporal and eternal blessings which you implore for me rest upon your congregations.

George Washington

Not many of us write or speak this way anymore, but you get the point. A spirit of humility in government is needed. Mr Obama is the president of the entire United States of America, not just the parts he likes. While I understand that he has a set agenda, he is still our president. Should he only listen to the voice of those who share his point of view or is he held to a higher standard? The only one who can hold him to such a standard are God and the president. Congress doesn't have the will to do it and the people can't use their voting power for a while. Pray for our president, pray for humility.

The Return of the Moral Majority

I won't be the first to suggest it. I am sure I won't be the last. Our founding fathers made it clear that the democratic republic known as the United States of America, could not survive an immoral majority of the people. A godless society cannot endure. History has proved this to be true time and again. It is from the general population that our leaders are derived. We can blame the political class all we wish, but if the populace is not moral, how can we expect our leadership to exceed its base. A political movement such as the tea party is good for a start, but it shall never fundamentally change the ideology that prevails in Washington. The reason there is very little true difference between the Democratic and Republican parties is because the spirit at their heart is the same in most cases. You can apply whatever biblical term you desire, the spirit of Anti-Christ, the spirit of the world, or whatever you wish, but the result is the same. Without the Holy Spirit, the end result is the same, less freedom. Guns and bombs will not change this spirit. It requires a change of the heart. Here is a novel suggestion, start with your own heart. Examine and judge yourself. Revival (and judgement) start with the house of the Lord. We will not see a change in our nation until we are willing to allow the Lord to change our own hearts. Suprisingly, (not really) the second law of thermodynamics applies to government. Unless another force (namely the Holy Spirit) acts upon an object (namely the government) it will in fact decay (become worse). The Holy Spirit will not move unless invited to do so. You wish to see the Lord move on this nation? It starts with you and me as individuals, then our families, then our communities and so on. America did not become the nation it is in a vacum. It is time for the return of the moral majority, not a political movement, but as a movement of the Holy Spirit. If we will humble ourselves and pray, then God will heal our land.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Should Christians Exercise?

It sounds like a silly question. I ask it to stir up some thought on the purpose of exercise in the Christian's life. I started using the P90X system a few weeks ago and it is brutal. I have been losing weight slow and steady using biblical principals, because I wanted to be obedient to God's Word. Over the last two years I have lost almost 60lbs. The weight loss is not the important point, it occured not because I wanted to look and feel better (those are side benefits), but because it is important to obey God. God's Word plainly states that physical exercise is of some value, but spiritual exercise is of great value. We cannot, contrary to popular opinion, add a single day to our life. Our days are ordained by God. God can and will extend our time on earth if we obey His Word in certain areas (like obey and honor our parents). So why should we bother to wear ourselves out? My reasons are circulation, muscle tone, strength and energy. Exercise has value, but we should not decive ourselves. It does not add to our days. I may be feeling much better when I torture myself, but it is desided by the Lord when I will leave the earth. I live by His good pleasure. I should obey His Word regarding overeating, but make no mistake, rice cakes and power bars are just food choices. They will not extend my life (rice cakes aren't real food anyway).

Trust in the Lord, not protien shakes.

Monday, March 22, 2010

In Whom Do You Put Your Trust?

In this age of government dependence, we have lost our national identity. It is to Washington we look, not our creator. The progressive onslaught has invaded every area of life. We no longer recognise that we even have a creator, thanks to the false teachings of evolution our children are exposed to early in their development. Television, movies and other media continue the mantra; God(and His Law) is dead.
Because God is attacked from the very begining, we learn early that our rights and liberties are granted not from our creator, but from our government. Have you ever considered why this matters? Why did the founders of our country need to have a Declaration of Independence? If our freedoms, rights and liberties were granted by the government and not God, we could not have established a new nation.
In whom will we put our trust? In a man, in a group, in a government? If we are not willing to trust the Lord, how shall we stand? For too long now those who say they trust God have remained silent. For too long we have called ourselves after His name, but have been unwilling to take a stand. Sinful conduct is allowed. We blaspheme His name, we murder the innocent, we are unfaithful, and we are unrepentent. We now try to grasp our liberties as a child tries to grasp a vapor. We are surprised when our leaders now ignore us. We did not speak up before, why would they listen now. Go back to sleep, now that we have removed the One who grants our rights, the One who died that we might have liberty. Now that we have banned His due honor, prayer and devotion, why arise now? The government will not give back that which it has taken. You must now appeal to the Lord of Lords and give Him the proper place in your life. Or go back to sleep.

And when the LORD sent you out from Kadesh Barnea, he said, "Go up and take possession of the land I have given you." But you rebelled against the command of the LORD your God. You did not trust him or obey him. -Deuteronomy 9:23