Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Return of the Moral Majority

I won't be the first to suggest it. I am sure I won't be the last. Our founding fathers made it clear that the democratic republic known as the United States of America, could not survive an immoral majority of the people. A godless society cannot endure. History has proved this to be true time and again. It is from the general population that our leaders are derived. We can blame the political class all we wish, but if the populace is not moral, how can we expect our leadership to exceed its base. A political movement such as the tea party is good for a start, but it shall never fundamentally change the ideology that prevails in Washington. The reason there is very little true difference between the Democratic and Republican parties is because the spirit at their heart is the same in most cases. You can apply whatever biblical term you desire, the spirit of Anti-Christ, the spirit of the world, or whatever you wish, but the result is the same. Without the Holy Spirit, the end result is the same, less freedom. Guns and bombs will not change this spirit. It requires a change of the heart. Here is a novel suggestion, start with your own heart. Examine and judge yourself. Revival (and judgement) start with the house of the Lord. We will not see a change in our nation until we are willing to allow the Lord to change our own hearts. Suprisingly, (not really) the second law of thermodynamics applies to government. Unless another force (namely the Holy Spirit) acts upon an object (namely the government) it will in fact decay (become worse). The Holy Spirit will not move unless invited to do so. You wish to see the Lord move on this nation? It starts with you and me as individuals, then our families, then our communities and so on. America did not become the nation it is in a vacum. It is time for the return of the moral majority, not a political movement, but as a movement of the Holy Spirit. If we will humble ourselves and pray, then God will heal our land.

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