Friday, June 4, 2010

No Sovereignty for Israel Either

The subject of national sovereignty rears its head once again. This time we are not talking about the US southern border, but the borders of Israel. Now I understand that in the eyes of many people and even nations, Israel does not have the right to exist. In fact, there have been a few heads of state that view the destruction of Israel as their life's work.
The real question is does Israel or any nation have a right to even have borders? Have we reached a point in global governance when nations no longer have the right to protect their sovereign borders? We may have even arrived at a point in history when nations can not even pass laws to use to govern.
The only reason anyone has a problem with the IDF boarding a ship that crosses a legal blockade, is that it is Israel that did it.
None of this is surprising, of course, Israel has been the red headed step child since it's inception. The bible clearly predicts this to be true. The nation of Israel and it's land (and water) will always be a stumbling block, because the Lord has made it so. It will continue to remind the world that the God of Israel is the one, true God, Amen.
I believe this issue of national sovereignty both in America and Israel is rooted in a desire to undermine or even destroy two nations that make a claim to the same God.
The world and its leaders instinctively know that to bring down the United States and Israel, is to defeat the Lord.
The root of all this goes back many thousands of years. It always leads to a choice, do we choose life or death.

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  1. I believe that we need to maintain our alliance with God's chose people. The Bible makes it plain that anyone going against God's chosen people risks his wrath. I know that the tribulations are going to be great but if we hang on the reward will also be great... beyond our wildest imagination. I just pray that the current President doesn't snuff out this alliance.