Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Imperialism of Illegal Immigration

I read an Eric Griego today that I found most confusing. Mr. Griego compares the Arizona immigration law to the struggles of African Americans, Jewish Americans and the plight of black South Africans during apartheid. Not only is this grossly inaccurate, it doesn’t even track.
I can agree that our nation has been guilty of sinful behavior and I would never try to defend the evils of myself or my forefathers, however, the point of spotlighting these tragic events and policies is only to associate our negative reactions and opinions with the current issue.
It is plain that the reason the state senator opposes any action against illegal border crossings has little to do with racial discrimination. Senator Griego, President Obama and President Calderon do not respect the sovereign borders of the United States. Mr. Calderon has been a guest in our country this week and took it upon himself to chastise us as “discriminatory”.
Our president, ashamed as usual, refused to defend our sovereignty and instead responded that he did not have the 60 votes in the Senate to correct the matter.
It is apparent that the spirit of anti-christ is at work in our world and looking to devour the world’s most visible Christian nation. This is not the first time that forces have been at work to destroy nations. The 1930’s saw the rise of three powers intent on world domination. Germany, Italy and Japan did not recognize the borders of sovereign nations and gave seemingly valid reasons for claiming those lands as theirs. Today, this same imperialism allows the citizens of one nation to cross into another nation with impunity.
It is now racism to question a person’s citizenship. For whatever reason, America is not allowed to stand up for its national rights. Even though the in 2005, upheld the right of local, state and federal law enforcement to verify without cause the citizenship status of any individual. We have every right to verify the status of anyone at anytime and just as it is with terrorism, certain ethnicities have a greater proclivity to certain behavior.
That is not racism, it is just true. I believe those claiming civil rights violations are just looking to capture the spot light or looking for some other personal or professional gain. Until, the drug wars started spilling over the border, it was easy to overlook this issue. Now, it is time to deal with the problem head on. We cannot allow the pc police to keep us from doing what is good and right.
I urge everyone who claims to be Christian to humble themselves and pray that the Lord will give us wisdom and the love of Christ to deal with this issue in a Godly manner. Pray for our leader, even if you disagree with them, lift them up in prayer. Let us deal honestly with our problem and not give away our sovereignty.

Muehler v. Mena, 544 U.S. 93. 2005 United States Supreme Court
[1]An officer's authority to detain incident to a search is categorical; it does not depend on the “quantum of proof justifying detention or the extent of the intrusion to be imposed by the seizure.

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  1. I don't want to listen to some lost praecher who has no clue what love and tolerance are about. Preaching fear and separation may be good for Christians, who out of greed and fear start wars to steal OIL, but not for people whu believe in Jesus