Monday, May 17, 2010

Government Worship

Two articles I read recently have reminded me of a growing problem. Government taking the place of God. I can understand the allure. When times are tough we must turn to someone, somewhere. Food, housing, and other needs must be met. It seems good that our government should stand in the gap and provide these things and more. The reality, however, is that government can not and should not be our provider. The Lord provides (it is His name) what we need if we are willing to obey Him. Just as we are not to seek the services of a fortune teller to divine our future, God requires that we seek Him for our needs. He provides our daily bread. We have grown accustom to government acting as God. We return to the state for our needs and wonder why it is not well with our society. Then we are also suprised when our president acts as if he is above and unaccountable to the people or the press. It is time to humble ourselves and pray the Lord will bless us as we trust Him fully. This is not a popular stand to take, but it time to take it.

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