Friday, May 21, 2010

The Not-So Itsy Bitsy Spider

It is time for a lite hearted post. Last night after some blogging and other such stuff, I decided to go to bed. At 1am, I am a little groggy and the eyesight plays tricks at that time of night when you've got some milage on you (I, of course, have). I was trying to be quiet, because my lovely wife was sleeping soundly (as we all should be at 1am). As I entered our bedroom, I thought I saw movement. I realized that a rather large spider was crawling along the bedspread at the foot of the bed. This spider was larger than a silver dollar with thin legs and a large center. I watched as it made its way to the edge and hid under the show pillow on my side. I hoped I could find it again as I picked up a book and prepared to pounce. As I moved the pillow, the spider made run across the bedspread and headed toward the head of the bed. Remember, my wife, my beautiful and sleeping wife? Well, she was still asleep and oblivious to arachnid making a beeline for her very open mouth. With much haste and concern, I stopped the progress of my new nemisis, swatting it with a smaller pillow, knocking it to the floor and splatting it with the book.
Hope you don't mind the absence of political and religious writing.

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