Thursday, July 29, 2010

Is Socialism a Christian Idea?

It is a legitimate question, is socialism a Christian idea? On the surface a case could be made that the teachings of Jesus and the examples of the bible lend themselves to the socialist ideal. What should be understood is that Christianity, at its core, is far removed from the teachings of Karl Marx.

Christianity holds that individuals are personally responsible for their actions. The bible teaches that if a man will not work, he should not eat. The Word also teaches that a man should not steal but work with his hands so that he will have his own money to give and use for the glory of God. 

Socialism, on the other hand, holds that those who own or operate businesses and corporations are exploiting the working class and should have their wealth taken and given to others. This Star Trek reality sounds great, but denies the reality of the sin nature.

Often the book of Acts is quoted as biblical support for communism. Again, on the surface, the account in Acts appears to sanction the redistribution of wealth, but upon closer examination we find that it was not the Roman or Israeli governments that took the possessions of  new believers. It was a personal choice made by the individual to give and even sacrifice to God the things they had been blessed with to the poor. The apostles plainly explain that the property still belonged to the people who gave it.

In stark contrast, when the government takes the property of the people it enriches the government not the poor. It also gives the government greater power and influence over the people it claims to help. This creates the opportunity for tyrants and dictators to seize such power. Of course, this allows a system to be in place for the ultimate dictator, the anti-christ.

Jesus taught that we would always have the poor. If we adhere to the Word of God, we find that we are to provide for those with less. We must set aside from our blessings, blessings for others. We should not consume all the Lord has given us, but rather give from our abundance. It is by God's grace we are able to work hard and give well. Abundance comes from these qualities not from taking. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, but God gives all that He has that we might live.


  1. Remember that story about Jesus taking a couple fish and some bread, and breaking it up and distributing it and sharing it so everyone could eat?

    Socialism. Jesus did it.

  2. You know, I'm really starting to see why so much of the congregation left after Paul was hired. I mean, the guy starts out his blog post as saying that Socialism is in fact only superficially Christian, continues to state that the bible says you don't have to give your money to the poor, but you should, because it's a good thing, then continues with the capitalist idea that the poor are a required resource according to Jesus, then implies that anyone that supports the idea of helping another is out to "steal, kill, and destroy" and is the enemy. Claims all of this is in the bible, but provides no factual evidence.

    And then he gets communism and socialism mixed up to boot. Kind of hard to expect religious guidance from a pastor that can't even figure out his own opinion.