Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trust in the Lord

As a bivocational pastor time is at a premium. I look at many of the headlines and stories of our society and want to comment on them all. The big headlines like the economy being at its worst since the 1930's with shanty towns springing up in places like Hawaii. I thought Hawaii was exempt from bad stuff, since it holds such beauty and all. Immigration. I think we have some very insane people who think we are all racist if we dare control our borders. I don't get it.
Then we have stories like the one I read on Albert Mohler about a woman who believes that live starts at conception, but sees the rights of women to be greater than the rights of the children they bear. I don't believe this requires much discussion because evil is apparent and is it's own commentary. My point is this, if I allow the wickedness of this world to consume me, I would be lost. I must trust in the Lord and lean not on my own understanding. My hope is not in the government or even men and women, but the Lord. I would hope that more people would trust the Lord and walk in His ways, obeying His commands. This world would be the better for it.
Unless the Lord builds the house, we labor in vain. We must remain true to Him. Anything else is foolishness. Love never fails. God never fails. He is at work even now. We can trust Him.

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  1. So say we discover tomorrow that my seven month fetus Kelila (G-d forbid) has hydrocephaly. She will die instantly at birth. Am I still committing murder in an attempt to save myself heartbreak, and her a miserable, horrible death?

    Or say that her placenta hadn't implanted in my uterine wall, but in my fallopian tubes -- an ectopic pregnancy. If she grows, she will rupture and kill both me and her. Am I still committing murder by ending her life in an attempt to save mine?

    Yeah, my baby is a life, and in this trimester, she's forming the neurons that will give her thought and a personality. She'll be born, and she'll grow into a beautiful woman with her own career and making her own choices. And after she's born, her life is no more valuable than mine. But as long as she's in my uterus, her life is not as important as mine.