Friday, July 9, 2010

Privite vs Public, Will Freedom Win?

, We have arrived at a crossroads of sorts. In the era of big government and the new new deal there is a small state with a larger than life conservative swimming against the mainstream. Governor Christie is moving his state away from conventional thought and proposing the privatization of many government strongholds.

The national leadership would have us believe that increase spending would bring us into true recovery. History teaches us, however, that increased taxes and larger government combined with deficit spending puts the beaks on a possible recovery. FDR's economic policy allowed the Great Depression to continue years beyond the what the rest of the world experienced.
My state, like many others, has chosen not to reduce spending or taxes to encourage small business and rebuild the economy. Instead, the progressive (or liberal or as I prefer the spirit of anti-christ) leadership is more interested in promoting their agenda of enslavement to government. State and local governments are unwilling to make the cuts needed to bring things under control. As we have heard many times now, government employees make on average 40%-60% greater income than their civilian counterparts. But instead of cutting bloated salaries, they threaten the elimination of teachers, police and firefighters to make the cutbacks emotional.
Liberty comes at a cost. Jesus paid the ultimate cost for our liberty and freedom. If we wish to see a resurgence of American liberty we must count the cost. We must be willing to do without government running so much of our lives.
We must begin to make the stand of saying no to larger government. Just as Gov. Christie has been willing to take a stand against what is expedient in favor of what is needed. At what cost is our freedom? Does it mean enough to us to allow it to win?

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